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A short story about an alien and a woman discussing life, humans and armageddon.

@caitoz Thx for publishing this story, Caitlin! I started reading it late last night, so had to stop halfway and save it to get some sleep. Finished reading it this morning. Beautiful, thrilled! 😊❤️

Thank you @caitoz “That’s probably bad for the environment,” said a deep voice Lisa didn’t recognize. She had just thrown a crumpled up @theProgSoapbox @Laffincrow @DefyMasters @BlackcloudPeter @AbbyMartin @BethLynch2020 @conwayk57 @the_bernie_bro

Read this to discover the lunatic who heads #Saudi Arabia : Mohammed Bin Salman. The chap is a worse plague for the Muslim & Arab world than even the Mongols who sacked Baghdad.
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Trump Administration Urges Saudis To Stick To Killing Random Yemeni Civilians Instead of High-Profile Saudi Journalists
(Onion, folks)
Via @Miche1T

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