The NSPCC ditched ambassador Munroe Bergdorf in Pride month after transphobic columnist Janice Turner threatened a boycott.


The infamously transphobic Times columnist Janice Turner succeeded in getting the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) to remove transgender activist Munroe Bergdorf as a Childline ambassador by falsely accusing her of being a ‘porn model’, just three days after she was appointed in the role.

On the 6th of June Turner tweeted the NSPCC asking if it was ‘worth the cancelled direct debits’ to have a ‘porn model as Childline ambassador’. When criticised for the tweet, Turner reasoned that she was a ‘porn model’ because she had taken a photoshoot for a Playboy article that did not feature nudity. In the article Bergdorf speaks candidly about her history of self-harm and mental health problems and how she navigated these troubles, things that are bread and butter for Childline counsellors.

The next day the NSPCC tweeted a statement which read that Bergdorf ‘will have no ongoing relationship with Childline or the NSPCC’ and ‘the NSPCC does not support, endorse or authorise any personal statements made by any celebrities who contribute to campaigns’. They did not bother to address what Bergdorf had done to deserve ostracisation from a cause that meant a lot to her.

To insult Bergdorf further, the NSPCC are currently celebrating LGBT Pride month, even using a rainbow flag as their Twitter profile photo as they Tweeted out their statement distancing themselves from her. The charity proudly advertise the fact that they carried out over 6,000 counselling sessions relating to gender and sexual identity over 12 months, preaching a message of acceptance that is clearly at odds with their own treatment of LGBT people.

Janice Turner belongs to a cohort of high-profile trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) in the UK media including Hadley Freeman of the Guardian and Helen Lewis of the New Statesman (and soon the Atlantic), who have essentially made careers out of driving a wedge between feminists and LGBT people to fill column space. At the epicentre of this tedious intellectual movement is a forum called Mumsnet, which acts as a kind of 4chan for reactionary Waitrose mums more obsessed with everyone who betrays the traditional gender dichotomy than discussing mum stuff on the net.

Pride for pay.

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The Bergdorf case marks a Pride month of particularly cynical commercial extraction with an ambivalence towards the actual underlying wellbeing of LGBT people. From charities, government departments to huge corporations, performative wokeness is used as a PR strategy as they actively discriminate against LGBT people either actively or passively.

YouTube and its parent company Google have been embellishing their brand pretty hard this year with rainbow flag adornments and cutesy Tweets of support for the community, but have point blank refused to ban the vile Steven Crowder for his lengthy campaign of homophobic harassment towards Vox journalist Carlos Maza. They aren’t stupid: they know that the bigoted gamergater demographic is much more valuable than the LGBT demographic to their business and will never willingly alienate the former.

More egregious still is the UK Home Office, who began Pride month with a bang by deporting Kenneth Macharia back to his native Kenya knowing full well that he would face a prison sentence of up to 21 years for his sexuality. Macharia wasn’t even unlucky: over 78% of asylum claims that reference sexuality are rejected by the Home Office, who evidently do not give a shit about gay people but cannot resist an opportunity to adopt a colourful profile photo.

#Pride indeed.


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